Practice Works

You don't have to wait until you take the official test to learn what your strengths and weaknesses are.

There are few certainties in the imperfect science of personnel testing. One thing we all know about testing or any other discipline is that practice will improve your performance.

Professional testers are very aware of the "practice effect" and the advantage it gives job applicants who repeatedly take the same employment tests over and over again.

Hundreds of thousands of high school students spend millions of dollars every year to take SAT and ACT test preparation classes. Educational Testing Service, the agency that writes the SAT, recommends practice and even offers practice tests to their customers.

Allwrite-Testing's Practice Tests and Test Preparation Workshops give applicants for promotion on police and fire departments the opportunity to improve their scores and their chances of being promoted. Those who take our practice tests and workshops enjoy many benefits:

  • Feedback  With each practice test you will get regular feedback on the progress of your studying. You don't have to wait until you take the official test to learn what your strengths and weaknesses are. All too often people miss questions in the subject areas they thought they knew thoroughly.  Our questions are keyed to the pages in the text on which they are based, so you can go right back to those areas where you need to improve.

  • Fine-tune Your Studying  After taking a practice test you will find that you will study harder and with more focus. You'll learn to see questions in the reading material that you never knew were there. 

  • See What Test Writers See  Find out what testing experts think is important in your study materials.  We testers see the world and your books differently from the way you and your colleagues do.  Get the perspective of someone who is not a police officer or firefighter, just like the person who will be writing your official test.

  • Practice The Test-Taking Process  Practice reading and answering questions written in a variety of styles. Get used to figuring out what the question is asking for. For example, some questions are framed in negative.  Practice reading complex questions thoroughly and carefully, and practice your timing so you don't run out of time or make silly mistakes by rushing. You will learn useful test-taking tips.

  • Realistic Conditions in Workshops  If you participate in our on-site workshops, you'll practice taking tests under very realistic testing conditions.  You'll experience and learn to manage your test taking anxiety, and you'll have exposure to a process you seldom experience. You'll learn to minimize the number of points you "give away" by making careless mistakes.

  • Stay In The Books  Taking regularly scheduled practice tests will keep you motivated and in the books. You'll be less likely to take a few days off if you know a practice test is scheduled and the regularly scheduled tests will help prevent "burn-out."

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