Who We Are And Where We Came From

"I've been involved with police department and fire department testing for many, many years.  Helping people overcome the testing barrier and helping them advance in their careers has been much more rewarding than writing tests for a system that often builds those barriers.  I like being on this side of the fence."

Allwrite-Testing's Arthur Rosenblum

For many years, our lead test writer and instructor, Arthur Rosenblum, wrote and validated entrance and promotional examinations for police and fire departments. He has written tests for almost every position in both professions. He has also conducted hundreds of interviews with working police officers and firefighters to develop tests that are job related and that make sense to the people who take them. 

With a masters degree in educational psychology and almost 30 years of testing experience, Rosenblum has a firm knowledge of both the theoretical and practical aspects of personnel testing. Over the years, Rosenblum has learned that "candidates for promotional examinations can improve their performance on written tests if they get feedback on the progress of their studying, if they improve the focus of their studying and if they practice the test-taking process." To help qualified candidates perform up to their potential, Rosenblum began training police officers and firefighters in the art of taking tests. 

Based in Denver, Colorado, Allwrite-Testing has been writing practice tests and conducting test preparation workshops since the mid 1980s. We have found that police officers and firefighters in a variety of settings and jurisdictions face many of the same challenges in taking written tests. With our broad experience and knowledge of testing practices, we customize our tests and workshops to meet the unique conditions of each jurisdiction.

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