Written Test Preparation Workshop for
District Chief- 2018
Houston Fire Department


ALLWRITE-TESTING will be holding an ON-LINE Written Test Preparation Workshop for District Chief.

In early April, ALLWRITE-TESTING will begin e-mailing 100-question, multiple-choice practice tests for the 2018 District Chief's test. We will write a total of five tests with questions based exclusively on the official Book List published for this exam. With several new texts, there is a great deal of new material to learn.

As most of you who will be taking this test know,
ALLWRITE-TESTING has been preparing practice tests for Houston firefighters for more than twenty years. Many of you have been taking our workshops since your first E/O exam. The relatively small number of candidates who will be taking the official test doesn't allow us to fly down from Denver to administer the workshop. As we've done with DC tests in the past, we will e-mail all five tests to you. Needless to say, this method of test delivery requires that workshop participants comply with the honor system and not share the tests and cost of purchasing them. If we cannot enroll 20 participants in the workshop, we won't be able to devote several weeks to writing the tests.


* Get regular feedback on the progress of your studying.
* Identify your weaknesses before the official test.
* Find out what testing experts, with more than 30 years experience, think you need to know.
* Read the source material with greater focus and see questions in the material you didn't see before.
* One or two points can make the difference between being promoted or not, or between being promoted this year or next year.
* Unless you pass the Written Test, it has 100% weight.
* Earn back the workshop fee when you get your first District Chief's paycheck.


Check back here soon for the Test Schedule and Fee.

Feel free to write or call with any questions:
allwrite@comcast.net or 303-322-6890 or 800-664-8518

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