ALLWRITE-TESTING will be conducting a Written Test Preparation Workshop for the position of Lieutenant on the Denver Police Department.




How The Workshop Will Work
* You will take three, original and challenging tests containing 100 questions each.
*The practice tests will contain questions exclusively from all the source material on the Official Reading List announced for this exam.
*Practice tests administered online cannot be printed, saved or forwarded to different email addresses or devices.
*You will have a total of three hours to take each test. You can stop at any time and come back to the test, and you can Take Each Test Three Times.
*Before the first test date, you will be assigned a User Name and Password. You will take the tests, at times of your choosing, on
*The specific reference in the source material will be provided for each question, enabling you to research the questions you answered incorrectly
*Tests will cover the relevant material in the reading list that is keyed to the knowledge you need to have.

Workshop Benefits:
*Get regular feedback on the progress of your studying
*Identify your weaknesses before the official test
*Find out what testing experts, with more than 30 years experience writing police exams, think you need to know
*Read the source material with greater focus and see questions in the material you didn't see before.
*One or two points on the written test can make the difference between being promoted or not, or being promoted this year or next year
*Until you pass the written test, it has 100% of the weight.
*Earn back the workshop fee when you get your first Lieutenant's paycheck

Fee: The fee for the workshop, including all three tests, is $99.

Schedule: All tests will be administered on-line.

Test 1 will be posted June 24
Test 2 will be posted July 6
Test 3 will be posted July 20

Click on the link below to take a 20-question Sample Test:

DPD LT 2020 Sample Test


Call or write with any questions or to register:


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