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2020 APD Corporal/Detective

2019 DPD Sergeant

2019 AFD Fire Specialist

2019 LAPD Sergeant

2018 HPD Lieutenant

2018 HPD Sergeant

2018 HFD Senior Captain

2018 HFD Captain

2018 LAPD Detective

2018 LAPD Lieutenant


What We Do In Our Workshops

  • All workshops include the administration of customized practice tests based exclusively on the reading materials announced for your jurisdiction's promotional examination. The tests are administered under the strictest, most realistic conditions to give you the "feel" of the real thing.

  • After each practice test, you will be given an answer key and you will grade your own test. You will also be given a list of references for each question. Each question is keyed to the exact page or section in your study materials on which the question is based.  You can then go back to the books and see exactly why you answered questions incorrectly. This alone is worth the price of admission!

  • Each practice test will cover all of the materials on your reading list including local statutes, ordinances, codes, policies and procedures.

  • After you grade your test in class, we will review the individual questions. You will see why certain answers that looked good to you were wrong, and you will come to understand the importance of reading every word of every question and every word of every choice. Your instructor will explain why questions were chosen and you will be introduced to test taking techniques and tips.

  • Finally, you will practice answering questions based on the texts you are studying even if they are different from the way you do things on your job. You will learn that when the text conflicts with reality, the text is always right!


Workshops Tailored To Your City

The number of practice tests we administer and the number of on-site workshops scheduled are determined on a department-by-department basis.  For example, if the examination is announced six months prior to the official examination date, we can schedule a practice test and class three months prior to the official exam. Applicants can get an idea of how they are doing, and then we can schedule another practice test class a month later.  We can then schedule two or three more practice tests in the weeks prior to the official exam. Most on-site workshops consist of three to six practice tests and classes.

If your examination is announced only 45 days prior to the official examination, we will adjust the timing of our practice tests and classes accordingly.

We can be extremely flexible and give you the services you need and can afford!

All on-site workshops are scheduled to accommodate the 24-hour schedules of police and fire departments. Each practice test and class will be held at least twice so that everyone can attend.

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