Test Preparation Workshop for
Houston Fire Department

    ALLWRITE-TESTING  is setting up an Internet-based workshop for the January 2015 Written Test for Investigator on the Houston Fire Department.  Registration will close on November 19.

  Unlike our other workshops, there will be no on-site classes. Because of the relatively small numbers taking this test, all practice tests will be e-mailed to participants with answers keys. There will be a total of five practice tests. Each test will contain 100 multiple-choice questions. Each question is keyed to the exact page, section and paragraph in the bibliography from which it was written, so it's easy to research the questions you missed. Each question will also be keyed to the Job Task Matrix.

  • ALLWRITE-TESTING  has been conducting Test Preparation Workshops with members of the Houston Fire Department since 1997.
  • Participants get regular feedback on the progress of their studying.
  • You don't have to wait until the official test to see how well you are studying.
  • All tests will contain 100 questions and will be based exclusively on the Official Booklist for this exam.
  • All questions will be keyed to the Job Task Matrix.
  • Get help mastering material from several new text books.
  • Stay motivated by taking tests on a regular
  • Participants consistently report substantial overlap between the questions and content on our practice tests and the questions and content on the official test.
  • Our practice tests will cover the relevant information you need to know to perform well on the test and on the job.
  • One or two points on the Written Test can make the difference between getting promoted or not, or between getting promoted quickly or getting promoted more than a year from date of the test.
  • We will available for one-on-one phone conferences following each test to discuss the test, studying issues or other matters of concern to you.

Many of you know us from our E/O and Captain's Workshops. Because of the small numbers signed up for this test, it is impossible to conduct on-site classes. We are depending on your integrity not to share the tests with friends and colleagues. The only way we can make this work is for you to honor this procedure. We can only conduct the workshop if we have a minimum of 20 participants.

Test Schedule:

Test 1: Week of November 24
Test 2: Week of December 2
Test 3: Week of December 9
Test 4: Week of December 16
Test 5: Week of December 30

FEE: The fee for the Workshop is $329, payable by VISA or MasterCard with Registration

There is no online registration for this workshop.

To register, call 303-322-6890 or 800-664-8518 or contact us at allwrite@comcast.net

Click here for 20-question Sample Test




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