Written Test Preparation Workshops for
Captain and Senior Captain - 2018
Houston Fire Department

ALLWRITE-TESTING will be holding Written Test Preparation Workshops for the Written Tests for Captain and Senior Captain

Classes will begin in mid-June

We are currently setting up a schedule and arranging a location for these workshops. As soon as details are in place, we will update this page and send out notices to the fire stations. If you would like us to notify you directly, just send us and e-mail, allwrite@comcast.net, or give us a call, 303-322-6890, and we'll put you on our notifications list.


* You will take five original and challenging tests. There will be three tests in class, and two take-home tests that will be given via the Internet.
* Each test will contain questions exclusively from the source material in the Official Book List announced for these exams.
* After you take each exam in class, an answer key will be provided with the correct answer for each question and the exact section or page reference in your study materials. Practice tests will be collected in class and distributed for you to keep at the end of the workshop.
*With the answer key and notes you take in class, you will research the material you missed on the test.
* Tests will cover the relevant material in the Book List that focuses on the knowledge you need to have.
* We will provide a handout and discuss study techniques and test taking strategies.
* We will go over the tests in class and discuss why we wrote each question, as well as content in the source material related to the test questions.


* Get regular feedback on the progress of your studying.
* Identify your weaknesses before the official test.
* Find out what testing experts, with more than 30 years experience, think you need to know.
* Read the source material with greater focus and see questions in the material you didn't see before.
* Practice taking tests under realistic test conditions.
* One or two points can make the difference between being promoted or not, or between being promoted this year or next year.
* Unless you pass the Written Test it has 100% weight.
* Earn back the workshop fee when you get your first Captain's or Senior Captain's paycheck.
* ALLWRITE-TESTING has been conducting Test Preparation Workshops with HFD personnel since 1997.

Feel free to write or call with any questions:
allwrite@comcast.net or 303-322-6890 or 800-664-8518



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